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Enjoy your stay in our rooms, where you can feel yourself at home.

Make yourself comfort in our recently renewed rooms, where you can relax and enjoy every moment.

The rooms are spacious and bright, decorated following the canons of the mountain style, with parquet made of local fir wood from and curtains made from artisans of the area. The furniture has an avant-garde designed, the mattress are first quality, guaranteeing the best restore.
The rooms are furnished with every comfort: they all have sofas, flat-screen televisions, fridge and telephone. The balconies are located in different directions, depending from room to room, and they all show another corner of the village: some are directed on the church and the square, where you can see the majesty of our beautiful peaks; some to the valley that leads to Pederü; others faced to mount Corn, where you can enjoy the sun in the noon while listening to the quiet of the forrest.
The toilets are modern and comfortable, decorated with splendid mosaics and white stone.