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Your GREEN holiday a few steps from the center of San Vigilio di Marebbe directly on the ski lifts

In the centre of the village, in the middle of the action.

In the same way you can reach the bus stop at the end of the slope Piculin, in order to get to Alta Badia and Val Gardena in a easy and fast way, using the Connecting skiers - line. There is a free bus ride every twenty minutes that will lead you to the location Sompunt, where you can take the slope Sponata that will eventually bring you in La Villa. From there, you can keep on skiing to Corvara, where you can find the start of Sella Ronda and the Fist World War Ski Tour. Enjoy an unforgettable experience in the middle of the marvellous Dolomites, UNESCO Heritage. On the way back you will find the same connections that have led you there, allowing you a eco-friendly vacation.
The mountains in winter have more than slopes to offer: close to the hotel there is a 24 kilometres long cross-country ring that delves into the enchanted woods of Val dai Tamësc.
Right behind the hotel you can find the start of the sledge slope Cianross, where you can ski even at night.

Feel the real essence of the wood, his quiet and his perfume

The nature has never been more accessible.

Our Piccolo Hotel Claudia is located on the very border of the wood, so that you can smell his essence and breath the fine air. Inside the woods you can follow the paths of some wonderful and easy walks, that will get you to Ciamaur, Lè dla Crëda, Rit, untill you arrive in Pederü.
Along the walk there is a jogging path, that starts from our house as well.  
The cable railway of Piz de Plaies is just 50 meters away and it is open during the summer: admire the fantastic panorama from the peak’s top.

If you cross the village from our position you can find the locality Pinëi, from where you can reach the peaks Pré da Peres and Paracia, the marvellous mountains visible from the balcony of your rooms, than you can go on and arrive to Lake of Braies or to the hut Sennes. Our position permits you a lot of advantages, making you easy the discovery of the land and enjoying your holiday.

Discover the beauty of the nature! Live a vacation like you never did before

Feel every aspect of the nature: a wonderful journey is waiting for you.

Back in time, when the french geologist Dolomieu traveled through this land, he caught a white stone from the ground and took it to analyse. He discovered something particular and unique.
In fact, those mountains would eventually be called Dolomiti in his honour and became a UNESCO World Heritage: they have been calling “pale mountains”, because of the incredible variety of shades whites that change by the seasons, so that they colour up with different colours that go from the bright light of the dawns in Winter, to the smooth pink of the summerly sunsets, to violet in autumnal twilight. The flora is large and covers our woods and fields.

San Vigilio is close to Passo delle Erbe, called that way for the great variety of plants. The fauna is rich and occurs in the everyday’s live: in fact, it is easy to spot the real inhabitants of the village, like chamois, eagles, foxes, deers, groundhogs and other majestic animals. If you are uncertain which path to take, Carlo will take care of it, indicating the right excursion for you. The lack of pollution permits to breath fine and clear air and to benefit of the lovely climate of the summer. Enjoy a holiday that will show you how to appreciate and to discover the nature, giving you the possibility to live a wonderful experience.

We recommend you the visit of the Natural Park’s museum, whom you can easily reach through the path in the woods that starts from the hotel. There you can visit the rare skeleton of a Ursus Ladinicus, a prehistorical animal that used to live in Val Badia, so as plenty interesting things about our nature, being a wonderful experience for the whole family. We also recommend the visit of the Ladin Museum in St. Martin, that shows the uses and the traditions of the Ladin folk.